“Rosato Management is the third property manager I have used since buying my property in Niagara Falls in 2007. The previous two managers were totally corrupt, so it is great to finally have found a management company I can trust. Gary and Nina are totally professional and always respond to e-mails straight away. They deal with the City for any Section 8 queries and organize any maintenance work at a fair price. I live in England, but I am totally confident leaving my property in their hands.”

-Richard Lillycrop, England


“Living in California, I can rest easy knowing that my property is in good hands. I wish I would have found Gary and Nina sooner; they would have saved me a lot of money and headaches.”
-Marc Romero, Oxnard, California


“It is a long way from where I live in Atlanta to the rental home I own in Buffalo. I purchased this property three years ago and immediately realized I had a BIG problem! “Distressed” would not adequately describe the condition of the house; “disaster” would be more accurate. It was a huge stroke of luck when I was referred to Rosato Management to help me out. Gary was very up-front and honest with his assessment; “my suggestion is to cut your losses and run, but if you don’t want to do that, I’ll help you”, which is exactly what happened. Rosato contributed to every aspect of reviving my property including; referring reliable contractors, guiding me through the maze of State, County and City legal requirements, finding a desireable tenant, and managing and reporting all of the financials. What I thought was a world-class blunder on my part has turned into a near hands-free profit center. Lastly and certainly not least, Gary and Nina are just real nice people to work with!”
-Dusty Gillham, Atlanta, Georgia


“I’ve been a very satisfied customer of Rosato Management for the last four years. Their responses to both tenants and myself as owner have been consistently good and timely. Their accounts are clear and concise. Payments are timely. Our home has had three tenents in the last four years and we missed only one month’s rent. I would recommend their services to anyone, but particularly to those that cannot visit the property often.”
-Rengan Krishnakumar, China


“We are located in the San Francisco bay area. California is a long way from Buffalo NY and we found Gary and Nina just in time. We had already been through 2 property managers. The first one stole and lied to us and the second one almost got us sued by a tenant. Gary and Nina are very honest, detailed oriented with the accounting, and on top of things. We receive P&L statements every month and regular updates as to what is going on with the property.”
-Helen Reisinger, San Francisco, California


“As out-of-state investors, my wife and I look to entrust our real estate holdings with a property management firm with the highest integrity. In addition, industry experience is necessary to ensure that optimal return-on-investment decisions are made. Our three year relationship with Rosato Management has been stress-free. Gary’s network of local contractors ensures we get competitive bids on all needed repairs and his experience with several housing services and government agencies ensure that our property had sufficient exposure and advertisement. Not to be outdone, Nina’s accounting documents are clear, accurate, and transparent. We are planning to purchase more property in the Buffalo area and will continue to use Rosato Management.”
-Enrico and Kelly Gomez, California


“I have been very pleased with your great service. It is very important to have people you can trust working for you when you cannot be there yourself and you have made it possible for me to maintain property that otherwise I would have most certainly lost. Please feel free to use me as a reference if anyone should need one. Thank you for your kind help and hard work.”
-Jim Gilbertson, California